The Top 10 Fleet Management Software Programs For 2020

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Fleet management is important for Canadian trucking companies. Fortunately, the internet and cloud-based software programs have made this job easier, and many great programs help managers keep an eye on their assets. The best programs monitor performance, fuel efficiency, and safety, but they all have their unique strengths and features!

Linxup Parked Trucks Under Clouds

Best for: Small fleets

Linxup devices are easy and affordable, helping managers of small fleets keep track of their trucks and deliveries without having to worry about the expense. The vehicle tracking devices use GPS technology to send updates on each vehicle’s location to the office within minutes, and they include warnings for speeding and unauthorized truck use.



Best for: Small to medium-sized fleets 

Samsara has a very positive reputation in the industry for its comprehensive management features. A cloud-based software, Samsara offers GPS tracking, dashboard camera, routing, dispatch, and so much more. It’s even designed to help operators track the physical location of their trucks and monitor driver behaviour to help them stay within industry regulations. It gives traffic and route updates to drivers in real-time while collecting data on vehicle performance, breakdowns, and fuel waste and sending it back to the fleet managers. 

In 2018, Samsara began offering information on safety, fuel efficiency, and route performance in the unit of the company’s choice – meaning Canadian fleets could measure in metric. It also applies the correct set of Hours of Service rules for drivers crossing the Canadian-American border.



Best for: Small to medium-sized fleets

ProTransport has many standard features – a live dispatch board, GPS tracking, scheduling, etc. – but this software’s accounting module is where it shines. It supports accounts receivable, accounts payable, billing, profit and loss calculations, and even productivity analysis. Managers and drivers can prepare invoices and statements, import their fuel card data, calculate taxes and more. 

ProTransport also has a document upload manager for storing everything related to drivers, trucks, and trailers, even giving alerts when the documents have almost expired. This system can provide reminders for mileage and time across the entire fleet. Users can keep records of truck and trailer maintenance schedules and produce reports based on unit, date, type, amount and more. 



Best for: Small and medium-sized fleets

Fleetronix is a complete management system designed to provide fully integrated GPS tracking and management solutions for smaller trucking companies. It gives operators the chance to customize the software systems to their specific business, giving them tailored solutions for a price that can’t be beaten.



Best for: Medium-sized fleets

ManagerPlus is a tool for effective work order planning, scheduling, and reporting. It’s designed to make maintaining vehicles easier, with preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory management, and in-depth reporting on all of your vehicle and work order data. ManagerPlus is known for its ease of use, though smaller fleets beware: the deluge of information might be overwhelming.


NexTraq fleet management software 2020 - patrick's mobile

Best for: Medium-sized fleets

NexTraq is great for construction, manufacturing, utilities, food trucks, and other specialized industries. This cloud-based service offers vehicle tracking, job scheduling, driver assignment, and routing, all while providing timely alerts. NexTraq’s “Geofencing and Mapping” function lets users create virtual boundaries around job sites, vendors, and customer locations so they can keep track of arrivals and departures times. This can also prevent stolen equipment, manage payroll routines, and help managers track and analyze the fuel consumption of their vehicles.


Locus Dispatcher

Best for: Medium to large-sized fleets

Locus Dispatcher is a fleet management software that caters to e-commerce, home service, and retail businesses. It makes dispatching and managing drivers easier, and the program lets managers track maintenance and vehicle information. It’s well-regarded for its ease of use, with automated route planning through machine learning. This provides users with a geocoding engine so they can convert addresses into geographic coordinates for the creation of efficient routes.

For fleets with many drivers on the go, Locus Dispatcher has an app for smartphones so they can remotely manage their activities. It also offers support to users via phone and email.



Best for: Medium to large-sized fleets

FleetLocate closely monitors movements to help fleet managers reduce costs and improve driving efficiency. This fleet tracking system provides reliable, real-time data on the drivers, vehicles and trailers. FleetLocate works with mixed fleets, including ones that have semi-trailers, pickups, and vans, and managers can monitor all inputs and costs from their desk, phone, or tablet. 

FleetLocate even offers trailer management through advanced cargo sensors. These provide a higher level of accuracy for loading, unloading, and extreme environments, and can deliver automated yard checks, enhanced detention billing, and other state-of-the-art features.


Automotive Resources International (ARI) Fleet ManagementWhite Volvo Semi-truck on Side of Road

Best for: Large fleets

The world’s largest privately-held supplier of fleet management, ARI manages 1.7 million vehicles across North America and Europe. They’re popular because of their customizable dashboards and alerts. Managers can use them to measure key performance indicators and alerts, track expenses, and pinpoint ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. For companies looking to start their efficiencies in the garage, the ARI Garage Management System provides quick access to the maintenance status, cost and vendor information



Best for: Large fleets

Organizations with large fleets have been trusting FleetCommander for years, and they’ve kept up their reputation in 2020. The software automates almost all fleet management tasks, saving managers time, money, time lost to servicing. Companies using FleetCommander can even make their fleet more efficient, increasing return on investment and achieving high reductions. They can manage all their vehicles and driver profiles online, guaranteeing secure key control, regular maintenance, GPS and fuel monitoring, and so much more without having to print one sheet of paper!