What Truck Has The Longest Lasting Engine?

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All drivers want their trucks to be reliable and their engines to last. A low breakdown rate and lots of mileage require the right engine for the job. When Canadian truck drivers are on the road for 13 hours a day, they need an engine that goes the distance, too! 

How Long Should An Engine Last? 

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Trucks are driven, on average, two and a half times longer than cars, and it takes some incredible engineering to give them that ability. Semi-truck engines are built to last for more than 750,000 kilometres, and can sometimes go over a million, but the truck’s performance is based on the type of job and how well the engine is maintained. The type of job is a big determiner of an engine’s lifespan: if most of the trips are made on highways, the engine will last longer than if the truck is constantly stopping and going.

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But truck engines can’t last forever even under the best conditions. In the United States, trucks drive an average of 45,000 miles per year, which is 72,000 kilometres. The average in Canada could be different due to our nation’s driving laws, but the driving patterns of the two countries are roughly the same. Over time, this annual mileage gives the engine a lifespan of roughly 15 years. Getting it this far starts with choosing the right engine for the job!


The Right Engine: More Power Isn’t Better

What the truck will be moving and its average mileage are the most important aspects to consider when choosing an engine. In this respect, bigger isn’t always better, and the horsepower under the hood should be ample for the job the truck has. Putting more horsepower in the engine costs money, both in the purchase of the truck and the day-to-day expenses of operating it.

The good thing is that truck engines are more versatile than they have ever been before. Many manufacturers offer their engines either as small or big blocks, letting drivers have the best truck for the job without having to pay for more horsepower than they need. Many engines can also be upgraded to a higher horsepower later in their life, helping the truck carry heavier weight or letting the owner resell it for a better price.


The Best Choices On the Market

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You don’t last long in the industry with an engine that doesn’t last long. The engines on the following list are renowned in the industry for both their longevity and reliability:

  • The 60 Series and DD 15 from Detroit
  • Mack EM7-300
  • 350 Cummins
  • Big Cam Cummins
  • Caterpillar’s 1693, C15, and C16

However, even the best engines won’t last as long as they should without regularly scheduled maintenance. If you schedule regular engine checkups with us, we’ll help you get over that million-kilometre mark!