How We Guarantee Roadside Truck Repair Safety

Roadside truck repair is an unpredictable job, and our team has to be prepared for a lot of different conditions. This means we’re not just truck mechanic experts, but safety experts too. When the common place to do business is on the side of a busy highway, you had better believe that we take precautions! 

Truck Repair Safety: We Go Prepared

All five of our Patrick’s Mobile work trucks are also equipped with everything we’ll need to make a safe diagnosis and repair, from jack stands and impact wrenches to OEM diagnostic equipment. There are so many reasons that your truck could be stuck, from a very simple tire problem to the most complicated on-board computer issues, so no one responds to a call without having everything they might need. 

We also bring the right safety equipment, too, including reflective gear, roadside flares, and anything else that will indicate to drivers that we need them to take precautions when passing. 


Our Whole Team is Trained With Safety in Mind

Proper equipment and mechanical training aren’t the only things necessary for a roadside repair. You can’t predict when and where your truck will need repairs, and this requires every member of the team being on the same page when it comes to taking safety awareness seriously. 

Due diligence can become much more difficult when we’re working on the roadside, because the location of a truck and the surface on which it’s sitting can make for an awkward, tough job. Weather and the time of day also become important factors: rain, snow, cold winds, extreme heat, and a lack of light can make for hard working conditions. 

You need a mechanic that has the skills necessary to do the repair and stay focused on getting you back on the road, no matter what the conditions. Your livelihood depends on your truck making it back on the road, so we work as quickly and efficiently as possible to see that you do. 


For Truck Repair Safety We Should Be Your First Call!

In the event of a roadside truck problem, don’t try to flag down other vehicles or accept the help of motorists who might offer to lend a hand. Even if the issue seems extremely small, always wait for professional assistance before attempting any repairs. Roadside assistance companies like ours have the proper tools, knowledge, and safety skills to get you back on your route, so you can stay safely in your truck knowing help is on the way.

You never know if your truck will go down on a busy highway, in the dark, in a storm, etc. – which is obvious, because if you did, you wouldn’t be in that tough spot. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Patrick’s Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair offers emergency roadside assistance with fast response times, sending knowledgeable technicians to service your trucks safely!