Will Changing Fuel Injectors Increase The Performance Of A Diesel Truck?

One of the most important parts of any diesel truck is the fuel injectors. They are sensitive pieces of a semi’s machinery, and often the starting point of many problems you might experience with the engine. But when it’s working smoothly, the fuel injector is what improves the entire truck’s performance. When it gets an upgrade, the fuel injector can give a truck’s diesel engine a higher range of power output and even improved fuel efficiency!

Fuel Injectors And Efficiency

Fuel injection is an old technology the industry is always improving. Diesel trucks use precision high-pressure fuel systems that can reach 30,000 psi, and this is a huge improvement over the last decade. The higher the psi of an engine, the finer the fuel mist sprayed by the injector. This helps the engine burn fuel more completely and more efficiently. This also means that today’s truck engines are more powerful while being quieter and less carbon-intensive.

Fuel injector maintenance is crucial as your trucks see more road time. But upgrading them is as important, especially if they can bring on a more efficient, more powerful fuel injector. These improvements can increase the performance of the truck because many new fuel injectors use an effective hole pattern to ensure a more optimal delivery of fuel to the engine. These new injectors can increase the horsepower of a diesel engine by as much as 100 hp. 

The benefits go beyond fuel efficiency. Changing the injector to a higher-performance system can be the basis for improving other parts of the truck, too. It allows transport trucks to improve their runtimes and decrease time spent off the road.


Improvement Beyond Fuel Efficiency

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A new or upgraded fuel injector can improve engine performance, reduce diesel emissions, and increase the uptime of your truck. Don’t wait for a better system to come on the market, though, because when it’s worn out, part of the fuel injector – or even the entire system – should be replaced. 

These fuel systems can become much less precise over time. When they’re working improperly, older fuel injectors can reduce a truck’s fuel economy by an average of 3 percent. This is because all the engine’s fuel injectors all operate on the same cycle; when one of these six fails, it can hamper the performance of the other five. 

The fuel injector is the heart of your truck, keeping the fuel pumping and the truck moving. But like your heart, it needs an expert to see if it is working properly. For optimal performance, book a regular service of the fuel injector every 100,000 kilometres. When proper maintenance is performed, most diesel truck owners and drivers will go thousands of miles without experiencing any problems.