All About Truck Transmission Repair


If you’re a truck owner, then you know that transmission repair is no joke. A broken truck transmission can leave you stranded on the side of the road and can be very expensive to fix. Let’s discuss truck transmissions – what they are, how they work, and common problems that can occur. We’ll also provide tips for preventing transmission problems and advice for finding a good truck transmission repair mechanic like Patrick’s Mobile.


What Is A Transmission


TransmissionA transmission is a gearbox that transfers power from the engine to the wheels. The transmission changes gears based on speed – when you’re going slow, it’s in a low gear, and when you’re going fast, it’s in high gear. There are two types of transmissions: automatic and manual. Automatic transmissions use fluid to shift gears, while manual transmissions use a clutch.

How Do Transmissions Work?


Transmissions are fairly simple devices. They have two main parts: the input shaft and the output shaft. The input shaft is connected to the engine, and the output shaft is connected to the wheels. The transmission changes gears by spinning these two shafts at different speeds.

Common Transmission Problems


car engineThere are a few common problems that can occur with truck transmissions. One is burnt fluid. This happens when the transmission fluid gets too hot and starts to break down. This can cause the transmission to slip or not engage properly. Another usual problem is a broken clutch. This can happen if you ride the clutch too much, or if you shift gears too hard. It can also happen if the clutch is worn out from normal use.

If your truck transmission is having problems, it’s important to take it to a mechanic as soon as possible. Transmission problems can get worse quickly and can be very expensive to fix.


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