Roadside Transmission Repair



You’ve made a career out of crisscrossing our nation’s highways in a truck you know well. Over the years, you’ve come to know when something isn’t right, and you can feel it right away (even if you don’t know where the problem is). 

When you need transmission repair on the side of the road, you need a service technician who can deliver reliable assistance, often in difficult conditions!

What Are The Common Signs That You Need Roadside Transmission Repairs?


TransmissionTransmission trouble is common in trucks, and it’s easy to identify if you know the signs. This part of the truck ensures that the right amount of power gets to the wheels, allows you to drive at certain speeds. When you switch gears in both automatic or manual transmission, you’re changing the power delivered to the wheels.

 Many of the issues begin with the transmission fluid. It’s typically an amber colour for manual and red for automatic. The darker it is, the dirtier it is. A light pink colour can mean there’s water in the transmission. 

When your truck shifts, you might hear a strange squeaking noise, a thud, or the RPMs suddenly jump when you shift gears, your transmission fluid is likely low. Grinding gears is another common sign of this problem. If there is fluid leaking from your vehicle, the transmission will require quick repair.

There are a few problems that should prompt a driver to stop immediately. For example, if your truck is shifting erratically, shifting on its own, or you smell an odour like burning indicating overheating. There are dangerous problems to experience on the road, especially if you’re on a busy highway.


What Can You Expect From Roadside Transmission Repair?


TransmissionTransmission repair requires particular expertise and special diagnostic and service tools. The technicians must use advanced diagnostic equipment to quickly decide whether the transmission needs to be rebuilt or completely replaced. 

When you choose roadside transmission repair, the service technician must promptly respond to the service call and provide full-service roadside transmission repair services. Heavy-duty truck transmissions are typically well-built with minimal moving parts and a single clutch. 

An expert diagnosis can make the difference between a job costing thousands of dollars and the replacement of bearings, seals, and synchronizers. 


Clutch Pack Wear And Your Automatic Transmission


A roadside repair in automatic transmissions can be necessary because of clutch plate wear; sometimes, it leads to a rebuild. A normal rebuild often requires a new remanufactured valve body, shift solenoids, torque converter, and clutches, providing that there is no need to substitute any hard parts.

Although the clutch life on a heavy-duty transmission is long from quality trucking brands, regular wear and tear eventually will become an issue. Factoring in periodic clutch replacements is a key part of calculating a truck’s lifetime ownership cost! 

At Patrick’s Mobile Trucking, we’ve been offering heavy-duty transmission repair, both manual and automatic truck transmission repair, for years. Our team has experience with a wide range of brands and parts, and we offer installation and maintenance for a range of highway rigs, heavy-duty trucks, and fleet vehicles!